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We at Virtual 3Ed aim at providing immersive educational content to schools, ed-tech companies and also to individual users. Our client base thus includes both B2B and B2C models.

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E-learning Solutions

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Demo Modules


Respiratory system physiology

‘Respiratory system’ app provides an in-depth and informative tour of the human respiratory system exploring all the amazing organs that keep our body’s breathing apparatus functioning at full swing. ‘Respiratory system’ app explains the different vital organs of the respiratory system. The explanation includes the anatomy and physiology of these organs. The organs include the sac-like lungs which are the main respiratory organs.

‘Heart - An incredible pump’ app explains the external and internal structure of human heart through the simulation 3D model to improve the comprehension of the topic. The user can interact with the 3D model by tapping the model and getting acquainted with the particular part of the human heart. Tapping the model displays the name of the part and also the simulation module is appropriately supported with in depth information about each external and internal structure part.

Vascular system

'Vascular system’ app explains in detail about the arterial system, the venous system and the capillary network. It covers the details of the different arteries, different veins and their structural anatomy. The 'Vascular system’ app also explains the anatomy of the region where the finer branches of arteries - the arterioles transit into capillaries and the capillaries join to form the venules which then combine to form the veins.

AR | Mono Incredible human body

‘Incredible human body’ app explains the different and very integral part of our existence and functioning – the organ systems. The major organ systems of the human body include – the highway of life - digestive system, the life sustaining respiratory system, the filtering facility - excretory system, the bag of bones - skeletal system, the blood vascular system housing the pumping miracle, the heart and the bundle of nerves of nervous system controlling all the other systems.

ABCDE Puzzle

‘ABCDE puzzle‘ app offers an engaging way of learning alphabets to the toddlers and preschoolers. Letters are pronounced when the puzzle is completed. This app is full of sound so that your toddlers are very exciting to learn the alphabet. ‘ABCDE puzzle‘ for kids make learning letters fun! This alphabet learning apps provides kids practice and familiarity with the ABC's.

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